Pichintún is a chilean “docu- animation” for children that tells stories from children of native groups. Aimara, Rapanui and Mapuche girls and boys tell us about the place where they live, what they like to play, their pets and traditions, evoking and communicating their ethnic culture. In this chapter we meet Florencia Araki, a Rapa Nui girl that lives in Eastern Island. She likes helping her father with the orchard, horseback riding and mostly enjoys diving. Florencia will tell us about the secrets of the “Ahu” and the “Moais”.

Direção: Patricio Veloso

Categoria: animação

País: Chile

Ano: 2015

Duração: 7’50’’

Gênero: documentário

Exibido na Mostra Competitiva Internacional


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