Festival opens for International Submissions

Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival is receiving movies from all over the world.

The entering is open until March 15th for registration at the film festival, which takes place at the Governor Pedro Ivo Theater in Florianopolis City, Santa Catarina, in Brazil from 1st to 9th of July. For the second time, the competitive exhibition will also have international category. Are able to participate short films made for children from Brazil and foreign countries.

Submit your movie now!

The 16th Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival will select six (6) international pieces to be awarded with the Trophy Kids Film Friend Award, which will be sent by post office to the filmmakers, and also with 01 (one) dubbing live session of the film during the Festival.

Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival has been featuring live dubbing sessions since 2005 and it’s the most expected screening by our public.

Films will be selected by the Official Jury of the 16th edition of the Film Festival. There will be a temping list – second, third and fourth places – if the selected films does not send materials required on this regulation.

Regulations and registration forms are available at www.mostradecinemainfantil.com.br. The entire process is online, including movie submissions. The list of selected movies will be announced in early April. For more information, please contact us by e-mail inscricoes@mostradecinemainfantil.com.br or calling +55 (48) 3065-5058.

In addition to the competitive exhibition the festival presents short films and feature-length screenings, highlighting directors and also conducting a political forum. Held for 16 years the film festival has achieved an audience to more than 500,000 people and it is definitive to trigger national policies for children’s movies.

Local and global children’s film

Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival, considered the main event of the seventh art dedicated to children in Brazil, opens space for co-production and cultural integration between countries.

Known for its beaches, Florianópolis, in southern Brazil, hosts the most important event in the country when it comes to movie and children. Aimed at social inclusion and citizenship building through the cinema, Florianópolis Children’s Film Festival is moving forward each year and already is a reference in other continents.

The Florianópolis Children’s Film Festival exhibits films from Brazil and other different countries, which “increases the tendency of the event to be a window of the world cinema made for the children’s public”, according to Luiza Lins, director of the film festival.

Latin America net

In Latin America, the event in Florianópolis has a close relationship with festivals that encourage children and adolescent films. Since 2008, the festival is part of Rede Ciniño, Association of Latin American film festivals for children and young people. The association joins the events that consider the movie an art capable of dealing with the diversity of language appropriate to children and young audience, combining education, culture and leisure.

Social Cinema with junior jury

Around 140 thousand children from schools shall be free to share Florianópolis Children’s Film Festival. The consideration of social accessibility is part of the purpose of the event. “It is a unique chance for these children know, first, the feeling of going to the movies, and also watch good films that are not available in any movie theater,” says Luiza Lins. To strengthen the children’s role, this year Best Film of Competitive Exhibition, which this year presents 72 short films from Brazil, will be chosen by a jury consisting of children and adolescents.