Submission Rules to the Internacional Competitive Exhibition – 2021

20th Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival 


Lume Cultural Productions performs in 2021 the 20th Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival. The purpose of the event is to enhance Brazilian and international productions dedicated exclusively to kids promoting, encouraging and providing access to the children and it’s film market.



The Festival will be held from October 16th to 24th in road screenings to students in public schools and communities in the city of Florianópolis and also on the internet, on the exclusive channel of the Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival  and by a streaming platform to be selected.



3.1 The registration to the Competition is free and open to films and videos of all genres and short film formats with timing up to 20 minutes.

3.2 Films & videos must have been made by foreign countries or filmmakers not eradicated in Brazil.

3.3 Applications are open until Sunday, April 30th 2021.

3.3 Applications must be made directly online on the website (this page) with submission of  the following materials (item 4). For the selection process, versions of the films will be accepted in any format and in a resolution suitable for streaming, and at the end of filling out the registration form, in the field indicated, the person responsible for the work must indicate a secure and non-expirable link (Vimeo, Youtube, server or any other) and password for the film to be evaluated by the selection committee.

3.4 After sending all materials and finishing registration, the producer will receive an email confirming registration at the 20th Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival.

3.5 Any film & video sent after the deadline will not be accepted.



4.1 Will be accepted materials under the following specifications:

a) One (01) Film or Video;
– File name indicating film’s title – DV NTSC formats or HIGH definition – extension .mov or .mp4 – Codec H264- Bitrate at least fifteen thousand (15,000) – Audio mixed.

b) Three (03) pictures (poster and still photography);
– File name indicating film’s title – JPEG, TIFF, PNG or EPS formats – Minimum resolution 300dpi – Minimum size 07 x 10 cm (seven centimeters by ten centimeters)

c) Trailer or clip of images;
– File name indicating film’s title – DV NTSC formats or HIGH DEFINITION – .mov or .mp4 extension – H264 Codec – Audio mixed

If the director does not possess the piece’s trailer, he/she shall send a file from 30 seconds to 01 minute of images with audio.

d) Subtitles in Portuguese or English;
– File name indicating film’s title
– Dialogues with time code in .txt or .srt

4.2 If the producer prefers he/she can send the material by post office in USB Drive or Blu-Ray disc with the same specifications required in Section 4.1.

4.3 Items can be delivered personally to our team or mailed worth the date of posting to the follow address.

Rua Willy Zumblick 80
Loteamento Marina Philippi – Lagoa da Conceição
CEP: 88062-208
Florianópolis – SC – Brazil

4.4 For any additional information about sending the material please contact our team by e-mail



5.1 The list of the selected pieces for the 20th edition of Florianópolis Children’s Film Festival will be announced on May 2021 and will be available on the event’s website (item 3.3).

5.2 Mail shipping costs of the film or graphic materials will not be refunded.

5.3 The organization of the Festival will not be responsible for any damages incurred during it’s transport.

5.4 The materials sent by post office will not be returned.



The curators team will select movies and videos by it’s technical and artistic quality content for children, according to the indicative age rating of the Brazilian Ministry of Justice.



The 20th Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival, will offer 01 (one) cash prize for the Best Film category, voted by an Official Jury, which will receive the amount of R$ 3.000,00.

The other categories will receive a trophy and certificate from the 20th Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival; Best International Film, and the Special Children’s Prize, voted by a Child Jury.



8.1 Selected films and videos of the 20th Mostra in Florianopolis Children’s Film will be shown free to the public.

8.2 All the registered and selected films and materials may be used by the organization to publicize the Festival.

8.3 It is up to the film producers all responsibility of the using rights of images and sounds in their works, according to the current copyright law in the country.

8.4 By signing in the piece in the Festival the copyright owner of the film or video will automatically authorize its exhibition, in full or in part, publicly during the event period in film clubs, screenings at schools and communities.

8.5 The head of the inscription declares, upon registration, all the elements or any work used in registered production – including the soundtrack and archival footage – shall not violate any right of use of image or intellectual property by third parties. Agreeing thus to assume full liability for any claim, lawsuit or litigation either directly or indirectly resulting from the use or display of the work.

8.6 The subscriptions on the 20th Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival constitute in acceptance of the participants in all conditions set on this Regulation.

8.7 The omitted cases shall be resolved by the organization committee of the Film Festival.

8.8 The personal data provided in this application will be used to send a newsletter by email and other communications related to the Florianopolis Children’s Film Festival and eventually from partner and sponsoring companies.


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Poster and still photography; File name indicating film’s title – JPEG, TIFF, PNG or EPS formats – Minimum resolution 300dpi – Minimum size 07 x 10 cm (seven centimeters by ten centimeters); Maximum 3MB each file.
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